How much do we charge?

The most important page on our website! Easily find out below what we charge and what deals we are currently offering. If you would like to book some lessons please call us on 07967093311 or click the big red button at the bottom of the page to use our contact form.

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Price Per HOUR – £25

A single lesson costs £25 per hour. Check out our block blocking deals below though to save yourself some cash!


Beginners Special – 5 hours for £95

This deal is aimed at those who have literally never had any lessons before. Get the first five hours under your belt for only £95! 

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DEAL 1: BLOCK of 5 x 1 hour lessons – £115

Save a few pounds toward buying your first car by booking this deal. This deal is available to those who have had previous driving experience. A saving of £10 compared to booking 5 individual hours.

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Our best deal, saving you a total of £30, and working out at only £22 per hour!